When it comes to Junior Participation programs, Netball is a clear leader for young women in Australia. Netball NSW wanted to add to their offering with an empowerment program that could be delivered to young women and girls as they progressed in their netball journeys - whether through school participation, local community clubs or competitive netball. The target years being ages 11 through to 18, the formative years of an individuals personal development and sense of identity. The inclusionary and supportive nature of belonging to a team and connecting with your peer group relationship of primary importance. 
As Creative Lead for this project, I designed and developed the brand system with a focus on fun, high-energy graphic textures and messaging that was age appropriate. As this program would be delivered to age group tiers through varying channels, I designed with flexibility in mind, both satisfying the participant engagement and also the functional requirements of coaches, teachers and those delivering the program.
This work was completed while working at an agency (MMR).

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