As Creative Lead for this client I have enjoyed years of working with this great organisation as we have redesigned and repositioned the Zoos Victoria family of brands. After initial conduction of brand audit and evaluation, I have worked extensively with the team at ZV to formulate an updated and forward focused brand landscape. I have worked with external consultants to deliver the brand position and communication strategy, which resulted in my 50+ page report of strategic recommendations which are now used as the cornerstone of all brand and campaign focus.  I have designed master brand assets and brandmark formulas which have future-proofed this multi-faceted organisation and delivered detailed brand guidelines which span Corporate, Property, Membership and Commercial brands. I have worked to develop a unique brand personality for each of the property brands, giving them signature colour palettes, master illustration libraries and graphic textures which are employed to great effect across campaigns to strengthen the public's relationship with each of the unique zoo properties. I have designed and overseen multiple campaigns (30+) for the organisation over the last 2 years spanning different business objectives and arms of the organisation . I have delivered a year round roster of visitation campaigns, member acquisition, retention, brand awareness, educational , promotional and event based campaigns all with a tailored creative execution that ultimately served the long term vision for the brand. I have managed roll-out across all touchpoints with a team of designers and worked to manage successful timely delivery. The work that has been achieved during this relationship has been received with much positivity and has delivered some impressive results - the new Membership Brand I designed and delivered, for example has seen a 90% increase in on-site conversions. It has been an honour to work with such a great organisation and see them succeed through our partnership.
This work was completed while working at an agency (MMR).

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