For Zoos Victoria, Summer season is crucial. Achieving the organisations desired visitation targets during this peak period was no mean feat, I served as creative lead for this project and had to think outside the box to deliver something that was going to resonate with Victorian families, while differentiating the Zoo Victoria properties from the many other, highly competitive summer attractions. I conceptualised and designed a campaign that captured the personality and fun of the varied zoo experiences while positioning the zoo as a premier destination for families during the heat of summer. 
The backbone of the campaign lay in the custom illustration that served as the perfect, flexible tool that allowed us to shift focus dependant on channel. This approach allowed the campaign to showcase people, ambassador animals and each of the vastly different Zoos Victoria properties in a highly recognisable style that adapted to each output. This campaign worked beautifully across the many out-of-home and transit applications and came to life through digital signage and animated social ads. This campaign achieved great numbers through the gates at all Zoos Victoria properties as well as postive reviews online. The campaign recall was very high and this style is planned to be employed again by the organisation as a signature style.

This work was completed while working at an agency (MMR).

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